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Account and Customer Activity Log

New Feature

Console: Activity log

We’ve introduced the Activity Log feature to the Console Customer and Debt Account pages! Now you can easily monitor events and changes related to the Customer or Account activities right at your fingertips (Payments, Customer sessions, Data changes, Failed actions and others).

With the activity log displayed in chronological order, tracking the history of changes has never been more straightforward.



🚢 Coming Soon

  • Filtering by Event Type
  • Sorting options: from newest to oldest and vice versa
  • Event Log v2.0 / Timeline (with more readable event labels, enhanced events log structure, and separate full-page view)


Security Update: 2FA Verification for Console

We introduced an additional layer of security for our Console users – two-factor authentication (2FA). Now, when logging in from a new device for the first time, users will receive a verification code via email. This added protection helps ensure the security of user accounts.



Other updates:

  • We've introduced support for remote capture check payments, including comprehensive updates to our database, Collect payment flows and account views, Console reports and detail views, email templates, API, and other related components.


Bug fixes 🐞

Various bugs have been fixed. Rest assured; no ladybugs were harmed in the process.