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Account Status Mappings

New Feature

New Settings section to manage Account Status Mappings 🖇️

This section grants you control over how your System of Records' account statuses are mapped to Tratta statuses. Essentially, it allows you to determine which status will be applied during file import (active, closed, or archived) based on External Account Status.


The section provides the capability to:

  • View and modify current status mappings.
  • Observe newly detected statuses in your files (automatically assigned an active status mapping) and adjust their mappings if necessary.
  • Import of Status Mapping from .csv or .txt files, streamlining the initial setup process.


For further information, please check the Help Documentation.


Sandbox Environment 🏖️

  • We added "Sandbox Mode" notice at the top of the Console and Collect (Customer Portal) in the test/sandbox environment to prevent possible misunderstandings.


Bug Fixes 🔧

  • As usual, different bugs and system maintenance updates were addressed 🐛 🥷