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Amounts in Customer Sessions Analytics + Locations parameters in reports


Customer Analytics report - added amounts columns 🚀📈

  • Paid Amount: The total amount successfully charged during the session.
  • Promised Amount: The amount set up as scheduled payments for the future, including Payment Plans (Regular or Settlement) and One-Time scheduled payments.
  • Total Amount: The sum of Paid and Promised Amounts, representing the total financial value of the session.

These columns were added to all aggregated views, allowing users to see amounts with breakdown by any available Group By feature column.



New Location parameters in reports 🏷ïļ

Columns for Product Types, Original Creditors, Current Creditors were added to Accounts, Payment Plans, Transactions, Scheduled Charges, and Customer Analytics reports.



Bug Fixes and System Enhancements 🔧

  • Implemented correct US phone number validation across all Tratta subsystems.
  • Upgraded to the latest PHP version.
  • Addressed numerous bugs 🐞🐛🐝 and implemented various system improvements ðŸŠī


Stay tuned for more updates!