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Email and SMS Notification Templates are Now Live!

New Feature

We are introducing a brand-new feature under Console → Settings → Notifications that now empowers you to manage customer notifications. This update lets you preview, test, and customize email and SMS notification templates that your customers receive.


Key Features:

  • Access a comprehensive list of all available notifications.
  • Configure sender email addresses.
  • Set universal footer text for all email communications.
  • Easily preview and edit individual notification templates.
  • Disable/Enable individual notifications.




Customer Portal Updates 🚀

  • Update the Creditor Field for customers with multiple Creditors accounts merged into one parent account. Such customers will be able to review creditors in the Summary of Account(s) section (previously named “Creditor Accounts”)




  • Support for multiple guest sessions at once
  • Simplified verification process: Customers can now verify against parent debt account external IDs without needing to type the "p_" prefix.

Bug Fixes 🔧

  • Fixed a bug affecting transaction preview on the search page.
  • Resolved API throttling issues, allowing for user-defined limits set through Nova.
  • Other various bug fixes 🐛