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Impact Feature: Suggested Payment Plans!

New Feature

Customer Portal - Suggested Payment Plan Options 🔥

We've unveiled a new feature allowing customers to easily select from suggested Payment Plan options, providing an instant view of potential payment amounts, frequencies, and payoff periods for each choice. The option to configure a custom plan remains available for a more personalized approach.



Other updates 🚀

  • Added API and Mail usage tracking
  • Our payment IVR system now adopts the correct property names, such as account number or reference number. This customization will personalize the information communicated to callers.
  • We've added a badge to Console reports to indicate when a report is scheduled, preventing users from accidentally saving over it.
  • We've added Suggested Payment Plans to the event log, enabling enhanced analytics and displaying these actions in both the Customer and Account Activity logs on the Console.


Bug fixes 🔧

We’ve rolled out various bug fixes.