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New feature: Advanced Dispute + Payment Settings 🔥

New Feature

Introducing Advanced Disputes - Engage with Real-Time Dispute Resolution within Tratta 💬 

The new feature can be enabled in the Customer Portal Settings section:



With Advanced Dispute, you'll experience:

  • Streamlined Communication: Organizations can directly respond to disputes right from the Console interface.
  • Enhanced Consumer Experience: Consumers can read and reply to responses from Organizations via Collect (Customer Portal).
  • Instant Notifications: Stay informed with email notifications, ensuring that no messages/responses are missed by either side - Organizations or Consumers.


Feel free to enable Advanced Dispute in your Sandbox environment, explore its capabilities, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. Once you're ready, activate it in Production to expedite dispute resolution! 🚀


Payment Settings

We're excited to introduce a vital addition: the Payment Settings section. This feature empowers you to take control of your organization's payment settings, which will apply to all transactions.



Other Console Updates 🛰️

  • Technical Email Address: In the General Settings section, we've added a dedicated technical email address. This address will be used for essential technical communications, ensuring you stay informed about critical matters such as import issues and platform status.
  • Payment Plans Report Enhancement: We've expanded the Payment Plans report to include a new "Number of Payments" column. This addition allows you to easily track the total number of payments associated with each Payment Plan, including scheduled and processed payments.


API updates 🔗

  • We released a new resource for developers - Postman API Collection: This valuable tool provides a user-friendly way to interact with our API, simplifying your development and integration processes.


Bug Fixes and Minor Updates 🔧

  • API Enhancements: We've implemented various improvements to enhance the performance and usability of our API
  • General Bug Fixes: We've tackled various other bugs 🐛 to keep the platform running smoothly.