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New Feature: Announcing the introduction of a Service Fees as an option🔥

New Feature


How It Works with Tratta

Tratta's new Service Fees feature enables businesses to offset their payment processing costs by introducing customizable service fees. When a consumer makes a payment—be it full, partial, scheduled, or part of a payment plan—a separate service fee is assessed and processed. This fee can be configured based on various criteria like payment method, balance ranges, states, and locations (clients/creditors/portfolios), allowing your organization to manage costs effectively.



In terms of compliance, Tratta ensures that all service fees are disclosed clearly to customers through the Collect front end. Fees can be set to comply with state regulations and are adjustable to fit within maximum and minimum limits, offering protection against compliance issues. Tratta's focus on transparency and customization helps you maintain compliance while leveraging this cost-saving feature.


To enable this, please get in touch with your Tratta representative or visit to learn more.





Other Updates 🚀

  • Security Improvements.
  • Front-end optimization for Payment Plans and Settlement Offer pages to enhance performance.
  • Added NATCHA guidelines to help with ACH compliance in the Console Help Docs.

Bug Fixes 🔧

  • Various bug fixes have been implemented to address issues 🐛