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Notifications Preferences for Customers and Settlement Offers Properties 📬

New Feature

Introducing Notifications Preferences in the Customer Portal 🔥

We're excited to introduce a new optional feature for customers - Notifications Preferences. When enabled, this feature provides customers with the ability to manage their portal notification settings effectively.


This feature brings the following benefits:

  • For Customers: Empower your customers to enable or disable various types of notifications, tailoring their experience to their preferences.
  • For Organizations: Meet compliance requirements and enhance communication with your customers.

To enable this feature for your organization, please don't hesitate to contact our support.


Properties for Settlement Offers 🏷️

In the Console Settings → Properties section, we've extended support for Settlement Offers properties. Customize labels for these properties, and watch as the Settlement Offers are referenced consistently throughout the customer portal, aligning with your organization's terminology and enhancing clarity.


Here's an example of the result on the Accounts page:


Bug Fixes and System Optimization 🔧

  • We've addressed various bugs 🐛 to ensure a smoother user experience.
  • We've embarked on refactoring efforts to optimize system performance and stability, delivering faster and more reliable operations.