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Settlement Offer Setting Improvement + Waving Fees on Payments


Enhanced Settlement Offer Metadata Integration 🏷️

  • We've refined the flow for setting up Settlement Offers based on metadata amounts. This update enables you to specify a custom settlement amount for each debt account in your file, which can then be utilized in configuring offers.


  • We updated the Offer Dates block to allow the setup of Start and End dates separately. Each date now supports three modes: Not Limited (Immediate for Start or None for End), Absolute date, and Based on Metadata date with a shift in days.


Waving Fees for Console Payments 🪙

  • Now, agents can exclude fees for specific accounts in the Console Create Payment section. Simply uncheck the fee on the Payment Summary to waive it and see an instant update in the payment setup totals.
  • This is a permission-based feature. It’s easy to grant or revoke access on the single User Page (under Transactions Permissions Group > Waive Fees).


Fixes & Maintenance 🔧

  • A few bugs were fixed 🐛, and several minor improvements were added 🪴.